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Tonya Johnson

Senior Administrator

Tonya Johnson was born in raised in Buffalo, New York. She graduated from McKinley high school with a Horticulture  Diploma. She came to It Takes A Village Action Organization Inc. (I.T.A.V) in January 2016. After going through the 8 weeks of classes and not wanting to leave, she was inspired to give back to help and do more. It Takes A Village Action Organization Inc. is exactly what it is "it takes a village" to move and create better for ourselves but it starts with you, you yourself wanting to make a change. One of her favorite quotes by Mark Twain and it states "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born in the day you find out why". Being born is one thing but to find out why is the ultimate gift!! So after she decided she didn't want to leave (I.T.A.V) Ms. Beverly ask her to join the administration staff which is truly an honor because she loves meeting new people in helping them in any way she can. If she can help one person it's been a great day!!


Our mission is to transform the overall well-being of the Buffalo community by connecting, engaging, and developing effective relationship strategies for sustainability in health, literacy, training, and employment.


We want to move people from APATHY to ACTIVITY by providing comprehensive services that are culturally sensitive, person-centered, competent, and specific to the needs of the individual in order to promote a productive, healthy community.


We use a holistic approach to problem-solving and rehabilitation as foundational aspect of ITAV's training philosophy that incorporates the following motivational underpinnings for successful, long-term employability: engaging, enriching, encouraging, enhancing, enlightening, enriching, energizing, ensuring, equipping, entrusting, educating, and empowering.


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