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Keith Scott

Education Coordinator

Keith H Scott Jr. is the Education Coordinator for It Takes A Village action Organization. Keith began his work at It Takes A Village in May of 2015 where after he graduated from the class he became passionate about teaching the class. Quickly, Keith moved into the position of education Coordinator where he is able to use his creativity and gifting’s to develop the lesson plans that will impact the participant’s lives. Since his time with It Takes A Village action organization Keith has impacted hundreds of people who come to the program looking to change their lives. Keith’s passion for helping and loving others makes him the perfect fit for the position and more than capable of fulfilling the It Takes A Village Mission.

Helping others and seeing the results of others changing their lives is what Keith lives for and he wanted to find a way to turn his passion into his career.  In May of 2015 a member and relative of Keith’s Church told him about a program called “It Takes A Village Action Organization.” Keith decided to attend the program not knowing what to expect, but little did he know this would be the start of him building his career. 


Our mission is to transform the overall well-being of the Buffalo community by connecting, engaging, and developing effective relationship strategies for sustainability in health, literacy, training, and employment.


We want to move people from APATHY to ACTIVITY by providing comprehensive services that are culturally sensitive, person-centered, competent, and specific to the needs of the individual in order to promote a productive, healthy community.


We use a holistic approach to problem-solving and rehabilitation as foundational aspect of ITAV's training philosophy that incorporates the following motivational underpinnings for successful, long-term employability: engaging, enriching, encouraging, enhancing, enlightening, enriching, energizing, ensuring, equipping, entrusting, educating, and empowering.


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